The History
of Robam

From humble beginnings to a world leader in kitchen appliances

Four Decades of Culinary Innovation

ROBAM founder, Ren Jianhua, started his entrepreneurial journey with just three pairs of pliers, establishing ROBAM’s predecessor, the Yuhang County Bolu Hongxing Hardware Factory, in 1979. Since then, ROBAM has become pioneers of technological innovations within the kitchen appliance industry and have taken action to demonstrate “a company respected by society”.

Yuhang County Bolu Hongxing Hardware Factory established

The predecessor to ROBAM was established by Ren Jianhua. The company specialises in the production of household appliances and spare parts.


China’s first ever rangehood developed

The company creates China’s first generation of rangehoods, PY-1 and PY-2, in collaboration with the 804 Research Institute of the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Ren Jianhua wins National Product Quality Award

In recognition of ROBAM’s excellent product quality and well-known corporate reputation both at home and abroad, Jianhua wins the National Quality Award, the highest domestic product quality award.


ROBAM releases breakthrough disassembly and washing-free rangehood

The cutting-edge technology took three years to develop and solved the problem of serious oil accumulation in the rangehood and the need for frequent cleaning. It featured a non-stick internal coating.


ROBAM diversifies product portfolio with a range of kitchen appliances

The turn of the 21st century saw ROBAM expand from its rangehood beginnings to design and manufacture cookware, sterilisers, ovens, microwaves and electric pressure pots.


ROBAM becomes a pilot enterprise for China’s Good Standardization Practices

Certified by the National Standardization Administration Committee, ROBAM obtained the highest level of standardisation certification in the country – AAAA level.


ROBAM named one of Asia’s top brands

ROBAM becomes the only brand in the kitchen appliance industry to be ranked among the “Top 500 Asian Brands” for 11 consecutive years.


Company shifts to exclusively high-end designs

With China’s first touch-controlled, automated and intelligent kitchen appliances in its product range, ROBAM doubles-down on its commitment to high-performance appliances.


ROBAM opens international channels after stock exchange listing

ROBAM becomes the first Chinese high-end kitchen appliance company to enter the capital market with its listing on the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Its first international outing saw ROBAM launch in Pakistan and Burma.


ROBAM introduces Third Generation rangehoods

The modern era of tornado fans begins.


ROBAM releases Fourth Generation rangehoods and expands into Malaysia

Centralised filtering systems and low-noise functionality reigns supreme as ROBAM extends its reach into Malaysia.


ROKI brought to the kitchen as ROBAM enters Indian and Vietnamese markets

ROKI (ROBAM Kitchen Intelligence) is ROBAM’s first smart kitchen system with the ability to link appliances and smartphones. This coincides with the company’s expansion into India and Vietnam.


Australia and New Zealand welcome ROBAM innovation

The lands downunder tap into ROBAM excellence for the first time.


ROBAM pioneers Fifth Generation rangehoods and launches in Cambodia and the Philippines.

The Fifth Generation of ROBAM rangehoods set a new benchmark in high-performance rangehood innovation while Cambodia and the Philippines say hello to ROBAM


ROBAM uplifts kitchen throughout the UAE

Landing in Dubai, ROBAM’s innovative kitchen range debuts in the United Arab Emirates.


ROBAM enters North American markets

Canada and the “Land of the free” welcome new culinary freedom with ROBAM.


ROBAM lands in Africa

ROBAM celebrates its 20-year international anniversary by making its mark on the African continent.


Singapore embraces the ROBAM range

The Garden City welcomes an overdue ROBAM launch.