The R315 is ideal for those who appreciate simple but effective cooking. Maximum efficiency is achieved through triple glazed glass and easy to clean enamel. When you feel like trying adventurous recipes, multiple cooking modes and targeted heating will guide you towards success. Features 6 cooking functions Easy to clean enamel interiorStainless steel surface Key […]


Culinary perfection starts with RQ335. Crafted with a black facade and silver knob controls, it allows you to swiftly switch between cooking modes. Triple glazed glass will take your recipe from preheating to resting in a blink. Serve up meticulously cooked meals with help from this consistently brilliant oven. Features Efficient double cavities 36 recipes […]


Unlock unlimited possibilities with the RQ9950. Each mode offers advanced roasting, baking and crisping capabilities. Triple glazed doors direct heat to all the right places and reduce cooking times. Stainless steel is the perfect match for a minimalistic black control panel. Features 8 heating modesEnamel cavity imported from Italy Easy to operate Key Features Precise […]


The future of culinary delight is here. The R312 leverages advanced cooking technology while remaining easy to navigate. Stainless steel and enamel cavity ensure durability. Black touch controls allow for effortless pre-heating and mode selection. Features Touch control glass panel 8 baking modes Pre-set menu Key Features Advanced touch controls , Automated cooking settings With […]


Press start on sophisticated dishes with the R306. Featuring a compact control panel, this intuitive oven transforms cooking into a seamless process. A triple glazed glass door works to maximise heating efficiency, while enamel interiors protect from lingering odours. Features 8 baking modes Overheat protection Triple glazed glass door Key Features Lasting quality , Safety […]


Step into the simplicity of steam cooking methods with the S112. This oven utilises hot steam to crisp, roast and slow cook meals to perfection. Its controls are designed to feel familiar and intuitive. Whether your recipe demands fast or gentle heat, this oven becomes your trusted kitchen companion. Features 8 modes Water level detector […]


The S106 is ideal for those who want to cut down on cooking oils while creating delicious meals. While this oven uses hot steam instead of air, it remains equipped with powerful crisping capabilities. Complete with durable materials, the S106 is tailored to tantalise the taste buds. Features 7 Modes Water level detector Timer Key […]


Introducing the CT752, a versatile kitchen powerhouse that elevates your culinary space to new heights. Available in red, blue or green, this multifaceted appliance will become the focal point of any kitchen. Features Full LCD display Sensor touch control Grill with steam Air fryer function Glass door Enamel-coated cavity Key Features Advanced interface , Multi-functional […]


Complete with a triple-glazed glass door and stainless steel finishes, Complete with a triple-glazed glass door and stainless steel finishes, the CQ751 is an all-in-one culinary appliance with multiple functions. Made with the finest craftsmanship, this appliance applies powerful steaming to your culinary delights. The CQ751 will meet all of your cooking needs and more. […]


With the CQ926, you can steam, bake and air fry – all from one modern appliance. Its larger than life 73L capacity allows you to cook large volumes of food with ease. Crafted with precision and innovation, this multi-functional appliance will be the star of your kitchen. Features Steam, bake and air fry functions Large […]