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Introducing the A825, a sleek and powerful canopy-style rangehood designed to elevate your kitchen experience. Its one-minute turn off delay function provides added flexibility, allowing you to wrap up cooking tasks without worrying about lingering odours. The deep cavity design ensures maximum capture of smoke and grease, while the stainless steel filter efficiently traps particles, […]



Designed for optimal functionality, the A818 features a large, wide-angle deep cavity to bring the highest performance to your kitchen. Its geometric design maximises airflow efficiency while adding a touch of architectural flair to any space. Thanks to its easy-to-clean filter system, cleaning is a breeze, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for years to come. Unrestricted Airflow […]



The wildly intuitive A852 is a powerhouse rangehood designed to exhaust fumes faster. Complete with aesthetically-pleasing stainless steel finishes and tempered glass, this high-performing exhaust delivers every time. Complete with smart controls and high motor power, the A852 will meet all of your kitchen needs. Unrestricted Airflow Rating 1930m3/hr EN Standard Air Flow 1260m3/h Noise […]



Experience the sleek design and unparalleled ease of the A817. Featuring an easy-clean filter and prestige craftsmanship, this rangehood will elevate any kitchen space. With convenient attributes such as one-minute turn off delay, this is one of the most user-friendly rangehoods on the market. Unrestricted Airflow Rating 1860m3/hr EN Standard Air Flow 1140m3/h Noise Level […]



Equipped with a high air volume capacity, the A832 ensures efficient smoke and odour extraction, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean during every culinary endeavour.Experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and performance with the A832 – your ultimate kitchen companion for a seamless cooking experience. Unrestricted Airflow Rating1500m3/hr Noise Level56dB(A) Motor Power200W Net Weight21kgs […]



Introducing the A830, the epitome of style and functionality in kitchen ventilation. Crafted with sleek silver accents and a striking black display, this canopy-style rangehood is designed to elevate any modern kitchen aesthetic. Boasting a robust construction of stainless steel and tempered glass, it seamlessly merges durability with elegance. Unrestricted Airflow Rating1500m3/hr Noise Level56dB(A) Motor […]



The A812 presents a sophisticated addition to any kitchen with its sleek silver design complemented by a striking black display. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and tempered glass, this rangehood not only exudes durability but also showcases modern elegance. Its innovative features ensure efficient ventilation, while its stylish appearance adds a touch of contemporary flair […]

Streamline 8000

The Streamline 8000 capitalises on every opportunity for modern convenience. Complete with a black touch-screen display, exploring your rangehood’s capabilities is a luxurious experience. Stainless steel panels forge a dimensional look that’s ideal for contemporary kitchens. Features Black touch-screen display Stainless steel panels Tempered glass Powerful motor Touch-screen controls Key Features Dual cavity, Low maintenance […]



A trifecta of luxury in your kitchen. Experience the elevated look of black tempered glass sprinkled with brass. This stove top not only adds a sleek touch to any kitchen but also boasts exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring it stands the test of time. Number of burners 3 Gas Type Natural Gas / LPG Ignition Supply10A Wall […]



Meet the B510: your elevated culinary partner. Featuring a modern and sophisticated display, you can’t help but enjoy the look of tempered glass and brass burners amongst the background of your kitchen. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are picking excellent craftsmanship. Number of burners 5 Gas Type Natural Gas / LPG Ignition Supply10A Wall […]