A Global Kitchen
Appliance Powerhouse
ROBAM redefines home kitchens with high-end, stylish
appliances for a seamless blend of design and performance.

Premium Kitchen Solutions

Elevate your home experience by introducing a complete range of high-end appliances, designed to perfectly align with your lifestyle and offer unmatched design versatility.


Contemporary rangehood designs that strike the perfect balance of power and cleanliness.


A stunning collection of induction and gas cooktops designed to ignite passion and delight taste buds.


Unlock unlimited cooking potential with the versatile functions and powerful technology of our ovens.


Efficient in function and elegant in design, our microwaves are awaiting those seeking refined convenience.


Our premium dishwashers transform your cleaning routine with cutting-edge technology and hygienic design.

Runout Stock

Enjoy competitive pricing on selected runout stock as we make room for our new releases.

Bring Your
Kitchen to Life

Kitchens are increasingly becoming the heart of the home. It’s why ROBAM designs with sleekness in mind, delivering culinary solutions that integrate stylishly into all kitchen spaces without sacrificing performance.

Award-winning Ambition

For over 40 years, ROBAM has translated its entrepreneurial spirit into captivating designs that speak to their users and the spaces in which they thrive. Our keen eye for excellence has been recognised internationally and contributed to ROBAM being no.1 in global premium kitchen appliance sales for eight consecutive years.

Trusted Worldwide

Since the beginning, ROBAM has grown in product innovation and creating kitchen appliances that are stylish and clean.