for Easy Cooking

ROBAM leads in cooking tech with 1,000+ patents, prioritising high performance and innovation across its global research institutes.

Tech-led Pioneers in the Kitchen Appliance Industry

ROBAM applies its industry-leading technological vigour to over 1,000 patents and products that cover all major categories of kitchen ecology. High suction, superior extraction, low noise levels and easy cleanability are among many of ROBAM’s key focuses.

Across ROBAM’s Shenzhen Innovation Research Institute in China and its California Innovation Research Institute in the United States, the company conducts research and drives product innovation, striving unremittingly to remain a leader in international cooking technology.

More Than 80ha
of Innovation

ROBAM’s four production bases in Hangzhou can achieve an annual output of over 5 million units. They feature cutting-edge digital manufacturing apparatus, intelligent logistics automation and sophisticated inventory management systems to empower the future of culinary artistry.

Having passed all applicable certifications surrounding safe and efficient manufacturing (ISO9001, ISO140001 and OHSAS18000), ROBAM has become one of the leading national standardisation enterprises.

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Strenuous Testing for the Finest Outcomes

ROBAM’s world-leading kitchen solutions lean on thousands of hours of research, development and testing. ROBAM’s research and development, and testing laboratories, are made up of eight main sectors: